CTO Services & Solutions

You manage the business, let we handle the technology. Whatever stage your company is in, we has the experience to drive your technology development. Our services and solutions include:

  • defining on the upcoming technologies and selecting technology stack application development.
  • designing corporate strategy regarding infrastructure and capital to achieve business goals.
  • managing, coaching existing resources to improve their skills.
  • building and mentoring new tech talent.
  • planning out the quality assurance and testing processes

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Custom Web Development

We give you the edge that you need to be competitive in an age where a borderless market without time and geographical constraints means every minute of downtime means opportunity lost. We can help you increase your visibility to the world and enable you to reach out to a global audience. The possibilities are endless.

Application Penetration & Code Auditing

Enterprises across the world are performing their business on the web, yet only a meager percentage of websites are regularly and professionally tested for vulnerabilities. This increases the chances of website attacks and eventually leads to compromise of applications.

Application Penetration Testing services help identify issues related to:

  • Vulnerabilities and risks in your web applications.
  • Known and unknown vulnerabilities (0-day) to combat against the threat until your security vendor provides the appropriate solution.
  • Technical vulnerabilities:
    URL manipulation, SQL injection cross site scripting, back-end authentication, password in memory, session hijacking, web server configuration, credential management, etc.
  • Business Risks:
    Day-to-Day threat analysis, unauthorized logins, Personal information modification, price list modification, unauthorized funds transfer, breach of customer trust, etc.

Consultancy for Web Development

Got your own development team?

Don't worry, we also provide consultancy services that will work in tandem with your team to help you create your application. With our experience, we can help you achieve your target in minimal time.

Web/Server Hosting

We also provide value added service to handle the traffic demands on your website. You don’t need to worry about sudden increases in traffic, our shared servers have you covered. With affordable pricing, we’re a hosting company you can reply on!