PHP/MySQL Beginner and Intermediate

The PHP/MySQL Beginner and Intermediate course will guide participant who has basic knowledge of HTML and have done some programming in any modern programming language beforehand.

PHP Security

The PHP Security course is for individuals who wants to know more about PHP Security potential as well as addressing current PHP security concerns and how to overcome them.

PHP Advanced

The course is aimed at individuals who want to know further on PHP Programming.


Our jQuery training course teaches you how to tap into the power of jQuery to build extremely rich, yet elegant web UIs using one of the most simple and popular cross-browser JavaScript libraries out there. Not only will you learn by doing, but you'll have a lot of fun along the way because jQuery is all about instant gratification!

CSS Bootstrap Framework

The course on CSS Bootstrap Framework allows participant to build websites that automatically reflect each user’s screen resolution, device size, and viewing experience with the use of responsive web design techniques. This will helps in creating responsive sites using CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, and JavaScript.


CakePHP training teaches participants to create dynamic, database-driven Websites so that at the end of CakePHP training course, the participants will be able to develop Website, Web Application, and Web Services using CakePHP